Our Story

Ashe and I met on the phone on November 21, 2006. I (Kacy) had received a call from Regina that Ashe wanted to talk to me about the possible adoption of her son.
I was so happy, excited, and scared in the same breath. I called her and we talked for a couple of hours about what was happening.
It was an amazing conversation....

We physically met on December 2, 2006 at Ashe's attorneys office in Ventura CA. I think we were all a bit nervous to say the least. I met, Nana (Shelley, Ashe's Mom), Aunt TT (Destanee, Ashe's sister) and sweet little Derrick. Our meeting was cordial but I think it would have been nicer in a park or somewhere that was not so sterile!!
Peyton was born 6 days late on December 18th 2006. We made a MAD dash from Florida to California to be with Ashe and meet the little boy who would forever hold both of our hearts.

Since the day Peyton was born, I have considered Ashe part of my family. She is not just the person who gave birth to our son. She was the person who CHOSE me to be Peyton's Mother. That's right, she chose me. Ashe was trusting me with her most precious love, her child. She was also trusting me to keep our adoption open.

Over the past 4 years, I have seen Ashe 3 times. We talk on the phone at least once a week and text almost daily. We are Facebook friends and share everything that pertains to Peyton...and we talk about our lives.

I was not just blessed with a sweet bundle of joy to call my own....I was blessed with a very special friend, We call her Mama Ashe~