Friday, March 11, 2011

Positive Factor

I am a member of an online group that feels totally anti-adoption. The reason I joined is because it is a group for First Mothers. But since I have been reading posts within this group, I feel like my being there and posting is not really welcome. I feel like because I don't have BAD adoption experiences I am not a real member.  Maybe it is just me...I have no idea!
The bitterness within the group makes me very sad. I feel as though we all made the same decision and we are or were all in the same boat.
I understand that not all adoption stories end as mine did with Chris. Not all stories of infertility end with the perfect open adoption of a sweet angel either. I GET IT!
I just wish that some of the women who post negativity about adoption would go to counseling. I think they are angry at themselves for placing....we all don't be mad at my sunshiny outlook!
At some point you have to get passed that and deal with creating a place for your child to come back to.
I feel that if you are so angry about placing your child or how the adoptive parents have treated you within your adoption, that anger will follow you through your reunion. You should find some peace....somehow. Find something positive to focus on. I did that by focusing on the fact that my son was ALIVE! He was breathing and I created him. That was my positive factor within my 1st adoption story.

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