Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today I left the Birthmom group of Cafemom..............

I created a new Cafemom account after not being a member for over 2 years. This was 2 weeks ago. Since then, I have read so much negativity from the Adoption group and the Birthmom Group. Geez....Is anyone ever positive when it come to adoption anymore?
It really bothers me. As a two triad member of the adoption club I can say that adoption can work. YES it HURTS sometimes. And not every adoption story is perfect like mine. But they cant all be negative!
I am quite sad about not being on the Birthmom forum anymore. Several years ago I posted there almost everyday. I really loved to talk to moms about their  (our) loss. Trying to make a difference in their lives and hope they could find resolution within positive thinking. Being negative about placing your child will not make it will make it worse.
Anyway...just feeling sad that my positive nature is not really wanted in the Cafemom world! Maybe they will all read our book when it is done. Then we can make a difference!

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